Also available in 60+ Sobeys and Safeways in Alberta!

Going Nuts

Going Nuts is a family owned and operated business based in Calgary, Alberta. Starting out in the Calgary Farmers’ Market in 2004, we have grown over the past twenty years to be in Sobeys and Safeways across Alberta, as well as 5 farmers’ markets in Calgary, Red Deer, and Edmonton.

We have always and will continue to strive to make fresh, quality products for our customers to enjoy.

About Us

Brenda and Chris started this business after learning of a new farmers’ market opening
in Calgary; the Calgary Farmers’ Market.

With their entrepreneurial spirit and their passion for health foods, they decided they would start a nut business. Starting with just 4 flavoured nuts and a handful of raw and roasted nuts, they opened their small booth and Calgarians welcomed this new little business with open arms, which has allowed our business to grow into what it is now.

20 years on

With moving market locations, opening new ones, venturing into Edmonton and Red Deer, being accepted into the Sobeys Local Foods, so many ups and downs have occurred over the years.

We will always be grateful for our wonderful customers that have allowed us to make it to our 20th anniversary with no sign of stopping, only signs of growing further!